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Soul Games | 12 Week Program

Accelerate your personal evolution. Be mentored by world-class experts.

And connect with an incredible community.

A Note from the Facilitators Brady & Emily...

Maybe you've hit a wall with your overly serious solo healing journey and are asking yourself, "Where's my tribe?" Maybe you appear like you're killing it on the outside, but feel deeply alone on the inside? Maybe you don't even know where to start with everyone claiming to be an expert these days.

These are some of the aspects we had in mind when creating the Soul Games — 12 Week Program, a transformation journey like no other. If you're looking for a deeply authentic, playful and inspiring community with a host of vetted world-class experts, this could be for you.


Often the childhood blueprint for a fulfilled and happy life doesn't always deliver what it promised. Money, status, and freedom are beautiful things, but can you have them while also feeling good? As adults we find ourselves in the complexities of modern day life/family/business with an overload of to-do lists but less support than ever before.


Do you feel feel safe to express what's really happening inside of you? Are you experiencing burnout? Are you caught in the same patterns wishing for a way out, but without the proper tools to know how to get back to feeling good?

We've learned that real transformation thrives in the company of others—both mentors and an inspiring community that walks alongside us. After years of navigating through a sea of information and experiences, we've discovered key practices, a path to unlock deep self-understanding, and a community of extraordinary individuals who have supported us along the way.

This is the heart behind Soul Games — a dynamic 12-week expedition where you'll explore life-changing modalities under the guidance of world-class experts to update your old programming, toolbox, and community for life. Rooted in a proven mastermind model, Soul Games has consistently revolutionized the lives of previous participants as well as ours.

Join us?


Men who have experienced Soul Games said...

“I’ve never known a group of men to go this deep, this fast and create so much transformation...”

— Jeff | Author

Soul Games has shown me where to go next in my life and given me the self-belief that I can go there. I also didn’t expect to walk away with actual friends!
— Andrew | Creativity Coach

Journey through a series of life-changing modalities — each with a world-class expert as your guide.


Elena Dominguez

Somatic Practioner

Elena has a BA in Somatic Psychology and over a decade of experience as a yoga/meditation teacher, neuromuscular massage therapist, and Reiki practitioner. She is going to help us reboot our nervous system — re-grounding us into a deep sense of Self via 1-on-1 sessions with each Soul Gamer.


Dr. Hillary McBride

Therapist | Researcher

Hillary holds a PhD in Counseling Psychology from the University of British Columbia. As one skilled in a wide variety of therapeutic approaches including AEDP, IFS, and attachment work, she’s going to unpack the often mysterious world of emotions to help us learn to stay connected to ourselves and others.


Justin Patrick Pierce

Sacred Relationships

Justin is an international sex & relationships teacher and the founder of the Yoga of Intimacy. He will guide us in overcoming relational challenges, master the embodiments of sexual polarity, and pursue a life of spiritual depth in the container of relationship, whether currently single or with a partner.


Dianne Garven


Dianne has been a practicing Astrologer for 20 years and studied under the leading South African astrologer Rod Suskin. She is going to do 1-on-1 sessions with each Soul Gamer extracting life direction, seasonal alignment and self awareness from your chart to bring profound clarity. 

Women who have experienced Soul Games said...

“Soul Games gave me new insights into my own healing journey. It allowed me to explore different modalities and tools that I now use on a regular basis. I have never been so deeply seen and met with such love by a community of beautiful, empowered women who still support each other to this day. It was an emotional, spiritual, and somatic experience all in one.”

— Tasji | Artist

“Before Soul Games, I didn't know what I didn't know about myself and my own power, beauty, and desire. There's still a lot I don't know, but SG has given me tools to tap into my whole damn self with curiosity, understanding, tenderness, and love. I didn't know this level of empowerment was possible before SG and now I know it's not only possible, but it's all within me.”

— Mallory | Writer

Experience Your Way into Well-Being.

“We do not think ourselves into new ways of living, we live ourselves into new ways of thinking.”

— Richard Rohr | Author

Virtual Team Meeting

Weekly Zoom Calls


Every Wednesday starting Sept 13th we’ll gather @ 7:30pm CT in a group Zoom session. Every week the group will be facilitated by Brady Toops & Emily Capshaw and/or one of the four core experts. Each week the group explores a new modality and/or transformative experience. After the 90-minute Zoom Call, we will transition into a more unstructured space of conversation that we call Happy Hour to continue the fun!

At the Psychologist

1-on-1 Expert



Outside of the weekly group Zoom Calls, you'll have an opportunity to experience first hand four additional 1-on-1 sessions over Zoom - (one session each with Elena Dominguez, Dianne Garven, Emily Capshaw & Brady Toops). From resetting your Nervous System to understanding your life path via Astrology to personal coaching and support, you'll find better practices, greater self-awareness, and a deepening of true well-being. 

Mobile Customer




Additionally, we engage in a group text thread and encourage members to reach out to one another to stay connected throughout the 12 Weeks to offer support during the program. There will also be additional resources available including guided meditations, videos and PDFs to further support each of you during the journey. The community aspect is one of the most valuable parts of SG.

Yoga Group




As an optional add-on, at the end of this 12-week journey, we'll all connect in person in Nashville, TN, to enjoy an in-person retreat weekend full of fun, transformation, and deep connection. From expert-led experiences, to surprise excursions, this ending retreat has proven to be a highlight of past Soul Games. Filled with new experiences, lots of laughs, late-night conversations, and surprises, it's definitely not to be missed!


*payment plans



Soul Games | 12-Week Journey

» 12 Life-Changing Weeks of Intentional Growth

» A Host of Transformational Expert-led Experiences.

» An Inspiring Community to Connect & Journey With

*Optional In-Person Retreat Add-On

Phone Call

Discovery Call.

No quite ready to enroll? Book a spot on the next discovery call with others who are considering jumping in this next round to learn more!

Meet Your Facilitators...


Brady Toops

Hi, I’m Brady, an artist who’s insanely curious about the magic of life and what it takes to transform. After relentlessly pursuing my dream of being in the spotlight—from playing pro baseball to appearing on TV to performing as a musician all over the world—my whole understanding of success collapsed. And that's when life really began.

A couple years ago while on the verge of burnout, I began exploring new ways of being, seeking out experts from a variety of disciplines, and reading everything I could find. In the process, I found something so simple and beautiful: what it felt like to feel good again. This is how Soul Games was born—a mastermind devoted to updating one’s programming, toolbox and community for life. It's the most transformative thing I’ve done to date. 
Join me?

Emily Capshaw

Hi, I'm Emily, and I've worked as a  personal development coach for artists, coaches and entrepreneurs who want to manifest their own unique version of success.


I love working the magic at the intersection of the practical and the metaphysical, using a holistic and non-dual approach to help guide you into the full expression of your highest potential. 

Whether is through viral online content, coaching offerings, or live facilitated experiences I aim to aid in your healing and transformation journey, so that you can reach the next level of your most fulfilled life.


See what other Soul Gamers have experienced...

“I came in with the intention to generate significantly more income...I started Soul Games with one business venture and I’m leaving with three.”

— Daniel | CEO

“Soul Games helped me trust what I feel and believe who I (actually) am.”
— Kris | Artist
“I’d recommend Soul Games to anyone who is serious about getting to know themselves, heal themselves, learn to better love themselves, and to grow in community with other women who want the same thing for their lives. It’s a life changing journey.”

— Heidi | Musician

“I would recommend Soul Games to any woman looking to grow and connect with other like-minded women. If you come into this container with an open heart and mind, you will be changed.”
— Meg | Entreprenuer
“I checked all the boxes society told me and ended up miserable. Soul Games helped me tap into myself and accelerate my growth and expansion!”

— Mark | Entreprenuer

“Right out of the gate, Soul Games became a safe place.”
— Ethan | Real Estate
“My experience over the weeks together took me into beautiful realms of possibility. Soul Games provided a labyrinth for my soul to be seen and held into the true places of belonging to self, others and Divine Mystery. Here is a place for shy souls to come out of hiding through the wonder of it’s wildness; waiting ever so patiently to bring us back home to our true selves.”
— Valerie | Spiritual Director
“I never expected guys who didn’t know each other to trust each other so quickly. Required me to take my bullshit meter off and fully show up.”

— Jason | Corporate Business

“If you’re ready to transform your pain and not transmit it, get in here.”
— Jordan | Producer
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